I have always been very interested in exploring the world and experiencing some of the most picturesque and beautiful places. In my opinion, there are few things more fulfilling to use the short time we have left in this world to see it for ourselves and fill our time with as many memories as possible. For this reason, I think traveling and collecting those memories and beeing able to share those moments and memories with others that might not have had the opportunity otherwise, is one of the most rewarding things we can do. The experience of different places, cultures, people, and even food can change you in so many unexpected ways. So far, my passion and love for different cultures and exploring new places has already taken me to some of the most beautiful corners of our world and allowed me to create a beautiful series of photographs.
Photographer Manuel Bischof in Stockholm
Photographer Manuel Bischof with his wife in Marrakech
From the beauty and tranquility of the sand dunes of the Sahara or Wadi Rum, to the gentle landscapes of the Alpe di Siusi, to the tallest skyscrapers of New York City, Dubai or Frankfurt, I always try to capture them in my own colorful style. But of course I hope there will be much more in the future, because there are still many countries and places on my roadmap. Especially since becoming a father, I couldn't imagine anything more enriching and I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to travel as a family and share so much beautiful memories together. But not all of my travels are far from my base in Austria. The majority of my favorite pictures have been taken in the landscapes and cities of my home country or in some of the most popular places in Europe. From the eternal city of Rome in the south, to Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden in the north, or my new favorite city Lisbon in the west of the continent.
Photographer Manuel Bischof with his son at the island of Skiathos
Photographer Manuel Bischof exploring the dunes of Dubai
When it comes to equipment, I have relied one hundred percent on the Sony mirrorless system for several years. I've worked with other systems over the years, but I've chosen the system that I'm convinced suits me and my style of photography best. Since then, I've been working with the A7R series and various Sony lenses, and I'm blown away every time by the quality of the sensor, especially in terms of resolution and dynamic range. But an equally important part is the transport of the equipment, where I came across the backpacks of Wandrd after years of testing and trying the various options, and since then I have become a big fan of the simplicity, but at the same time the innovativeness of their backpacks.
Photographer Manuel Bischof enjoying the sunrise in Lisbon